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The Higher Education sector in the capital is packed full of world quality public and private institutions. Each has a fantastic range of part-time and short courses that can be easily scheduled around your existing commitments. Most importantly they all have fantastic libraries that have had their books selected by people that have read them, are teaching the subject and most importantly know the subject and its best authors very well. Most offer access for an annual payment and I would recommend being a member of an academic library for the rest of your career.

Getting on to a training course of any duration is worthwhile both for the teaching and also the forum of fellow students with a similar interest in the subject but a widely different range of backgrounds, experiences, expectations and opinions. Also of value to your enterprise are the public lectures covering both the course subject and tangential subject areas that seem on the surface to not be absolutely relevant but very often helpfully augment your understanding of your activity.

Only second to access to an academic library, public forums, from the formal to the informal and so from the classroom to the clubs and societies, the Burkean ‘little platoons’ are incredibly important. The chance to listen and to speak, to learn and to teach, and also to do both at the same time can only be fully appreciated in hindsight and can never be measured with any foresight. The opportunity to hear the opinion of friendly critic or a critical friend and to return the service is the second greatest tool for personal and enterprise development: ‘Associate with those who will make a better man of you. Welcome those whom you yourself can improve. The process is mutual; for men learn while they teach.’ Seneca the Younger 4BC-65AD

Below is a list of Higher Education Business Schools in the capital that may miss out some specialised arts and science business departments, schools of management and smaller private institutions, but should give you a entry into the services they offer. Then there are the links to their events which are sometimes infrequent but other times of outstanding quality:

Birkbeck College, University of London’s School of Business, Economics & Informatics

Brunel University’s Business School

City University’s Cass Business School

European Business School London

Imperial College, University of London’s Business School

Kingston University’s Kingston Business School

London Business School

London Metropolitan University’s Business School

London School of Commerce

London School of Economics’ Department of Management

London South Bank University’s Business Faculty

Middlesex University’s Business School

Queen Mary’s College, University of London’s Business & Management School

Westminster University’s Business School

University of East London’s Royal Docks Business School

University of Greenwich’s Business School