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The Joomla Extensions Directory is an enormous resource and finding extensions is a chore because of the scale of the offer. Getting good at it is a great habit to acquire and spending an hour every so often browsing is really worthwhile but as a starting point there are lots of extensions on the E-Literacy Programme website and know what they are is a quick way to get started.

There are two types of extensions, the ones that display publicly and those that do not or do so indirectly. There are also the basic functions that load with Joomla in use on the website and for consistency these are included in this list.

This list of modules is correct now but I am always experimenting with module order and location so that if any are erroneously located then this is the cause.

Starting with the modules in the left column, the main menu’s menu items Contact Details and Intro Session Feedback Form are the basic component Contacts and the extension component Visforms.

Below this is the extension module Nice Social Bookmark.

Next is the events management extension iCagenda which is a module and a component and so below the colander display is menu item linking to the categories of events.

In the right column the first module is the basic Login Form.

Next is the ELP’s Trafic Rank module is the Google PageRank and Alexa Rank.

Below this is menu module Traffic Rankings with menu items that link to different categories of the Weblinks component.

In the feature articles, the PayPal button is generated in PayPay and the HTML inserted into the article directly.

The Eventbrite listing is the first extension to not directly display its functionality. Combrite produces a fully populated article from an event listed on Eventbrite and after adding the date and time to the title is a really simple way of producing listings of selected events.

The next is the extension that embeds any YouTube video into an article YouTube Embedder.

In the foot menu there is a sitemap and this is created using the component extension Xmap. Sitemaps are really useful for search engines and this one is very simple to setup and to organise.

The last two modules on the site are basic Breadcrumbs, the extension contact form B2J Contact.

For the extensions that are not visible on the site the first and most important in the content editor JCE Editor.

Then there is the excellent extension Qlue Custom 404 that masks error pages with a better and more helpful version.

A really fun the Clicky Tracking Code extension shows a heat presentation of activity on the site. This and Bigshot Analytics extension simply provide an interface so that you can add the tracking codes of each. Both require an account with Clicky and Google and Clicky also adds a removable link on the site. There are cracking extensions that allow the input of Bing/Yahoo tracking code and lots of other site use/traffic systems and this link below is to the particular category of the JED.

And finally (on Thursday 24 July 2014), I use the CiviCRM customer relationship management extension and for as much as it states it is only for Joomla 2.5 it actually works fine on Joomla 3. A note of caution is that it is a very big extension so beware that the hosting storage capacity becomes a factor. Also it can only be uploaded using cPanel of the hosting account or an FTP client.