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A City Full of Training Providers

This city is heaving with public, commercial and third sector training providers, not to mention the training provided formally and informally by networks, groups, clubs, societies, political parties, religious organisations, representative bodies, interest groups, campaign groups, family members and friends. There is experiential learning where speakers are amazing and formal education from levels 1 through 7 in pretty much any aspect of human activity. London is the place to find it, to participate and to benefit.

For us social, commercial and political entrepreneurs there is the added benefit of being the popular hope of the Conservative Lib Dem Coalition Government. There is such a commitment to enterprise that many of the city’s Higher Education Institutions have extra-curricular support for entrepreneurs that include entrepreneurs-in-residence such as Birkbeck College’s Andrew Atter.  Many HE institutions have student led support networks, such as the Birkbeck Enterprise Hub offering ‘opportunities to network’ and many provide awards and grants to ‘start-ups’, as do many Students’ Unions. Further Education Institutions, including the Adult/Widening Participation/Continuing Education sector, does the same and they are reconstituting themselves as University Technical Colleges, especially now that higher education charges their students £200 per lecture.

Being located in Bloomsbury, between Euston Square and Russell Square, is the best location possible for ease of access to every part of this training provision. For example the official London Joomla Users Group meets monthly over the road in University College London, the City Business Library with its 500+ free advice and training events is up the road at Guildhall, and the British Library hosts the Business & Intellectual Property Centre just next to Saint Pancras Station. The number of free public lectures and seminars organised by the 30+ schools of management and business, and departments with a focus on public policy and the third sector in London, the rest of the UK and the world is well into the thousands. Then there are the huge number of research institutes, think tanks, lobbying and campaigning organisations, and representative organisations that all offer some event or activity with a training function as part of its purposes almost every day of the week and many at weekends, that could bump this up into the tens of thousands.

To try to maintain a listings of all that is happening would be impossible without the active engagement of people with responsibility for the budget for marketing the providers themselves. This would benefit the organised over the providers of the best offer but that said, marketing provides its own impetus to service improvement. We will start with a listings of the higher education and further education providers and the continuing education institutes such as the Mary Ward Centre. Then we will list the publicly funded or philanthropic enterprise agencies such as the Hackney Enterprise Network and the third sector agencies and organisations offering training before heading out into parts unknown. We gratefully welcome any leads you have on providers in the city that we have yet to list.

Below are a set of pages detailing the social and commercial support providers in the 33 local authority areas in Greater London. The site does not yet detail those agencies and associations in the wider south east and eastern regions within commuter distance of the city:

Enterprise Support Agencies per London Borough

Local Authority Enterprise Support Sections per London Borough

Business Associations per London Borough
Mostly just the Chambers of Commerce.

Councils for Voluntary Services per London Borough
The principal third sector support agencies.

Volunteer Action Centres per London Borough
These agencies represent and facilitate volunteer employees and employers.

Higher Education Business Schools in Greater London
This is a BSU Joomla Club artcle.