The number of things that can be done and can be explored is not infinite but don't be fooled into believing it isn't big or that it the various combinations and settings are not getting very close to infinite. Entry level is the nice and easy part but the enjoyable part is deep in the forest of components but the warning as always is never to loose sight of your websites' users. Its true that practice improves speed and appreciation of how Joomla and its many extensions can work to provide and enjoyable and functional portal for communication of information by you to your visitors but the bottom line of just getting a website up and good enough to be complimentary to you and your enterprise is where almost everybody starts.

Joomla is intuitive up to a point and then it takes some practice to firstly, get used to its many and varied settings and characteristics, and secondly locate solutions to the many weird phenomenon these varied settings throw up. This second part is important and it is caused by Joomla being designed by one group of people thinking one way and everyone else thinking each in our own different ways. Now it doesn’t change, it does get better as interface design develops but the underlying way of thinking does not change, and this means changing how you think to adapt to their way of thinking. This is actually quite hard and can be mildly frustrating as the intuitive process is frequently not apparent when it is expected.

It is this annoying situation where public forums are by a mile better than online forums and text books but then this is not to state that neither of these two latter sources of understanding how the Project Team think can be dispensed with and in fact I am writing this with the 2nd edition of the Visual Quickstart Guide to Joomla at my side and the tab hidden by this very document. Ganging up on a new way of thinking is the most comfortable and least unpleasant way of gaining ownership of these tools. Birkbeck Students’ Union and its Clubs and Societies generally and the Joomla Club specifically are student led organisations and have a deep self-interest in making our activities benefit participants. All organisations can become cliquee and unwelcoming but that is there lookout and nobody is barred from founding a new BSU club or society, with of course its own website, and proving the inherent weakness of exclusive social organisation.

Anyway apologies about getting personal and back on with the listings for website resources and books both about Joomla and other cool stuff that is out there and free to utilise. The best way to organise this is to put a resource, say a website on to the list and to put the date it was added next to it so that when you come back you can check out the latest discoveries but also to index them alphabetically and when patterns emerge to order them under group headings too. Because I am going to be at the regular Club forums I’ll be able to pick up resources as they are bragged about and will also be looking out for solutions to issues I come up against and will also be sharing them when I get them.

The best place to start is going to be the books as it involves a commitment of an outlay of cash and that is a minor crossing the Rubicon moment.