1-Month Repeat Subscription
(Minimum 7 Workshops)
3-Month Subscription
(Minimum 19 Workshops) 
12-Month Subscription
(Minimum 78 Workshops) 


Subscribing to the workshops accesses one to one tuition on using the Joomla content management system (CMS) to build and enhance your website. Subscribers will require a hosting account and a domain name so that they can upload the Joomla CMS and begin work. The recommendation for hosting provider is to buy a 12-month cPanel hosting package for £30.00, including one domain name, from Webhosting UK. Their Basic Hosting package provides more than enough server space - 2GB, bandwidth - 10GB, mail accounts - unlimited, and very good live chat technical support.

The approximately 80 workshops are evenly divided between Saint Luke's Community Centre's PC suite on Central Street and the West Euston Partnership's One Stop PC suite on Hampstead Road. There are breaks for the Christmas holiday period and sometimes breaks during August for staff holidays and industrial action but where this occurs subscribers are guaranteed the minimum number of 3-hour workshops. Each workshop is organised in to one on one training sessions that respond to the needs and ambitions of the subscriber at whatever technical level they have achieved. While there is one to one training subscribers are encouraged to discuss their websites with each other and to talk about their issues and achievements because many of the issues are universal to all subscribers. Opportunities to teach and to learn are a very practical benefit of subscribing to the E-Literacy Programme.

A subscription can be paid using PayPal, in cash, or by cheque made out to The E-Literacy Programme. Payment by cash or cheque can be made by cheque through the post or at the classes or workshops. If you have any questions feel free to email or call Jed Keenan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.079 5096 3069 or 020-8533 0853.

The E-Literacy Programme
16 Archer Tower
Berger Road

Subscription Terms & Conditions

  1. Annual Subscription of the E-Literacy Programme consists of a training and support to build and develop the site at least 50 workshops located in community centres in central London.
  2. Subscription renewal is manual for 3-month and 12-month subscribers but automatic for 1-month subscribers.
  3. Subscription is open to all but a general standard of decorum is applied. This is not a comprehensive list but starting with most important considerations, sexism, racism, homophobia, and any prejudice or fear of people with disabilities is never accepted. Neither is religious intolerance or sectarianism. All political opinions are welcome accept those that do not tolerate opposing opinions.
  4. The standard of decorum includes politeness, which is gratefully appreciated, as is not swearing. Also respect for fellow members and the level and speed of their development is a requirement. The E-Literacy Programme sets the standard of decorum and will set it the highest standard required by its members.
  5. Pornographic content is not of itself an issue but does offend and so excluded under the general standard of decorum.
  6. Suspension or expulsion for breaching the general standard of decorum is at the discretion of the E-Literacy Programme's executive committee. The procedure for dealing with a breach of the standard is to firstly raise this issue informally with the member, with the workshop facilitator or if at a meeting, the chair or secretary. Second is for the workshop facilitator or the meeting’s chair or secretary to raise this issue informally with the member and to report back to the initiator. Thirdly a formal procedure is activated where this informal action does not achieve adherence of the general standard of decorum by a subscriber.
  7. The formal procedure is to invite a member that is possibly in breach of the general standard of decorum to meet and to respond to the complaint. Where the issue is not accepted the issue of corroboration or malicious accusation is considered. Where the general standard of decorum has been breached and continues to be breached and the formal procedure finds it has continued then a subscription is suspended for three months. A suspended subscriber is invited to meet after three months with the E-Literacy Programme executive committee to be readmitted or to be expelled.
  8. Permanent expulsion is for acts of violence, destruction of property or criminal activity generally, and for a gross breach of the standard decorum.
  9. Decisions are the responsibility of the current executive committee of the E-Literacy Programme, and are final.
  10. By subscribing to the E-Literacy Programme a subscriber agrees to these subscription terms and conditions.

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