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The Pixlr Photo Editor does everything Photoshop or Gimp does but online.

A couple of handy tools are a colour pipette and a favicon generator. The most simple colour pipettes is the downloadable Colour Cop and their are loads of favicon generator sites, a favicon is the little 16X16 website icon, such as the Your Name Here version. It will take an equal aspect ratio image, say 400X400 and convert it into a size needed.

Other great online tools for manipulating PDF files are:
• Neevia Technology's PDF Converter
• Red Software's Escape PDF Editor

An interesting group of media tools allow the capture of content for reuse. Awesome Screenshot is a Chrome Extension that will grab content from websites and save them as .png files for manipulation in Pixlr and insertion into social media pages and your websites. Dirpy is a very straightforward website that does the same but with audio content. It is only seconds accurate but using an audio editor such as the free open source Audacity this can be cropped/trimed. All that you need is the URL of the YourTube material and the start and end times of the material you need to capture and it will automatically produce a .mp3 file and download it to your hard drive.