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The Joomla community host forums and every annoying thing that can trip up your progress has been tripped over and resolved before. Typing into Google just a couple of key words along with the word Joomla will get you a set of solutions to all but the most cutting edge of annoying issues. There are weird things that happen and it is no eflection on you or your commitment and determination to be effective and never dependant ever again: Weird things happen and the world would be weirder if they didn’t.

Venezia PiccioniOther things that happen are that the solutions offered are incomprehensible, an assumption of understanding is made by the answer's author that is millimetres or kilometres away from your own, or that the answer just plain don’t work. ‘Get over it!’ as Stonewall so eloquently would put it. All solutions are easy in hindsight and hard in foresight, and easiest to identify in groups and hardest to identify on your own. This is the nature of things and why we have language, read and write, and use information technology. Joomla Club is here to assist in these instances. Write an article or two and bring the issue to the next workshop.

The principal online forum Joomla’s own There are others and they come up when you search for solutions using Google. As these others pop up I will add links to them here. I still come across annoying issues and use the forums to locate the solutions. It is no poor reflection at all, it is great you have progressed this far and are ready for the next step.