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This is a free 12-part playlist Joomla 3 tutorial for beginners also from February 2014. Forums and more information are found on Cloud Access. There are lots more Joomla CMS tutorials on YouTube and here is a list of the most recent.

This is a free 16-part playlist Joomla 3 tutorial for beginners by Richard Pearce from February 2014. Forums and more information including a 100-page workbook are found on Build a Joomla WebsiteBoth playlists have transcript tabs so that you can read the tutorials live.


Having a website is essential for your enterprises and if you have the skills and knowhow, costs only £35 a year. To minimise the price of creating and maintaining a website will need some training and ongoing technical support but the training on offer is limited, formal and expensive. Employing commercial or amateur website builders will leave you vulnerable to ongoing dependency, a slow and poor quality service, no means to monitor and measure performance, and potentially a very expensive non-starter. The E-Literacy Programme provides the knowledge base essential for the success of your enterprises.

Google AnalyticsBuilding a professional standard website is quick to learn and simple to carry out. When built, the new website is easy to use and capable of providing data about visitor traffic using Google Analytics but a third of all small and medium sized commercial enterprises and a half of all social enterprises do not have websites. Learning how to build and use a website on the E-Literacy Programme is done three different ways: You can subscribe to the twice weekly 3-hour workshops where you work with a tutor and with other subscribers to implement your ideas and increase your knowledge. You can book a 6-hour training programme including an annual subscription to the workshops. Or you can book small group tuition or private consultations on Joomla based websites.

The E-Literacy Programme is a charitable incorporated organisation and is an ongoing Freirean e-literacy campaign that is training and supporting people to build and develop their own professional websites. We are here to help and to want to encourage everybody to build a website and to reteach these skills. A website is an incredibly powerful tool and taking fully taking advantage of the opportunity is critical for all social, commercial and political enterprises.

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The E-Literacy Programme runs regular 2-hour sessions for free that introduce the Joomla system and you are welcome to book places on any of these, to attend more than once and to invite others that need to build a professional standard website. It covers hosting, creating content and navigation around the content, media tools, templates and extensions, marketing and SEO and any questions you have about building and running a website. If you are certain that you want a website and know that you want to join the e-literacy programme please attend an introduction session anyway as it is very helpful to have a proper grounding in using the Joomla system.

cPanelAt these 2-hour intro sessions you get to use our Joomla 3 ‘sandpit’ website to create content and menu items to navigate to the content. You also get to insert images, create links, format content, categorise articles, and understand why all of these operations are important for the success of your enterprise. We also introduce your to cPanel hosting, the Joomla Extensions Directory and the Joomla Free Templates Directory Joomla 24.

Subscribers to the Programme have the annual hosting included in their subscription and the full setup of their hosting and the Joomla system is included. Training on using the cPanel and Joomla Hosting is intensive at the beginning and ongoing throughout the year. This includes the cPanel File Manager, phpMyAdmin database interface, creating mail accounts This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and using the Filezilla FTP Client. A subscription to the Programme costs £168 for a year, £102 for three months or £36 for a month, and a concessionary rate for students and people not in work is available.

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Free Enterprise Training

London is absolutely packed with public, commercial and third sector training providers. Prices in the formal sector range up to £17,814 per year and include free courses in very basic Levels 1 to 3 in English and Maths. To find formal and informal courses in London is easiest using the National Careers Service course catalogue which does list out of date content but is still the best tool available. There is also a listing for a non-certificated 1-day course on Joomla at the University of Westminster for £350.

For students and alumni of the capital’s higher education (HE) providers there is the added benefit of a passably serious commitment by Universities and Colleges to enterprise. There is lots of extra-curricular support and informal education available, complimented by entrepreneurs-in-residence such as University College London’s Dan Brown. Many higher and further education providers also have student-led support networks such as the UCL Enterprise Society offering numerous to engage in ‘networking events, mentoring, competitions and workshops’. Many of these enterprise networks provide awards and grants to ‘start-ups’, as do many Students’ Unions. The broader Widening Participation/Continuing Adult Education sector, do the same and are also actively broadening their formal offer, especially now that the higher education sector proper is charging their students over £200 per 3-hour lecture.

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Joomla! The CMS Trusted By Millions
Joomla! (the exclamation mark is official) is not just a Content Management System but also a Web Application Framework. For the easiest analogy, open up Word using the Windows Operating system - my apologies to Mac users - and create a new document and save the document in a new folder in My Documents. This is basically it, articles in categories. The rest is simply navigation around both the articles and the eight thousand plus functions, many thousands of them free, that allow a website to extend its functionalty.

joomla 34 500The name Joomla is a phonetic spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning ‘all together’ or ‘as a whole’ and reflects the open source ethos of its development project team. The concept is also present in Arabic and in languages from around the Indian Ocean. Open Source is actually still copyright and trademarked but remains available for general use within the common purposes of the owners. The 2008 mission, vision & values of the Joomla Project Team includes a vision of ‘people publishing and collaborating in their communities and around the world, software that is free, secure, and high-quality, and a community that is enjoyable and rewarding to participate in’.


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