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Having a website is essential for your enterprises and if you have the skills and knowhow, costs only £35 a year. To minimise the price of creating and maintaining a website will need some training and ongoing technical support but the training on offer is limited, formal and expensive. Employing commercial or amateur website builders will leave you vulnerable to ongoing dependency, a slow and poor quality service, no means to monitor and measure performance, and potentially a very expensive non-starter. The E-Literacy Programme provides the knowledge base essential for the success of your enterprises.

Google AnalyticsBuilding a professional standard website is quick to learn and simple to carry out. When built, the new website is easy to use and capable of providing data about visitor traffic using Google Analytics but a third of all small and medium sized commercial enterprises and a half of all social enterprises do not have websites. Learning how to build and use a website on the E-Literacy Programme is done three different ways: You can subscribe to the twice weekly 3-hour workshops where you work with a tutor and with other subscribers to implement your ideas and increase your knowledge. You can book a 6-hour training programme including an annual subscription to the workshops. Or you can book small group tuition or private consultations on Joomla based websites.

The E-Literacy Programme is a charitable incorporated organisation and is an ongoing Freirean e-literacy campaign that is training and supporting people to build and develop their own professional websites. We are here to help and to want to encourage everybody to build a website and to reteach these skills. A website is an incredibly powerful tool and taking fully taking advantage of the opportunity is critical for all social, commercial and political enterprises.

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